We are a Company specialized in Boiler Installation and Heating System maintenance on residencial. Our mission is to offer professional operations and to guaratee security and trasparency to our customers.

We operate in Modena (IT) and nearby

  • NORTH SIDE (Bomporto, Bastiglia, Sorbara, Lesignana etc.)
  • SOUTH SIDE (Formigine, Casinalbo etc.)
  • EAST SIDE ( Gaggio in Piano, San Damaso, Portile etc.)

Pillio da Medicina Street 61, 41125 Modena (IT)
+39 059 345300
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Facebook: Bellelli Assistenza
WhatsApp: 059345300
Mo-Fr: 09.00 AM - 18.30 PM
Sa-Su: 09:00 AM - 12:00 AM