The Siemens REV24 Programmable Thermostat is an environmental regulator that allows you to achieve the ideal temperature at your desired time. Various functions are available for your comfort needs, as illustrated below. This thermostat includes a low battery indicator.

This thermostat supports customized weekly programming for each day, allowing you to set it to turn on in the morning and evening on weekdays. You can use the two available temperatures to adjust the heating to your needs. Here are some example programs:

Economic weekday program on the REV 24 thermostat

In this weekday program, the heating turns on at the start of the day (around 6:00 AM), allowing the temperature to reach about 18°C in an hour. The heating remains off until 5:00 PM. Here are other example programs:

Weekday program with lunch break on the Siemens REV 24 thermostat Holiday program for the REV 24 thermostat

Bonus Modes

The thermostat has special modes, including:

  • Holiday Program: Interrupts heating for a set period, then resumes normal programming at its end.
  • Party Program: By pressing the Party button for 3 seconds, you can set a temporary period to override the desired current temperature. At the end of the set period, the program resumes normally.
  • Special Day Mode: Can be used in case of illness to override up to 3 heating periods.

Useful Tips

  • It is recommended to replace the thermostat's batteries approximately every 2 years
  • Avoid using rechargeable batteries
  • Recommended temperatures:
    • For turning off: reduced temperature recommended at 16°C
    • For turning on: comfort temperature recommended at 18°C +/- 2°C


The regulator should be mounted in the main room. It can be wall-mounted with or without an embedded box.

  • Mount the unit in a location that allows easy measurement of average room temperature, away from solar radiation or cold sources.
  • Avoid sources of disturbance, such as:
    • Avoid mounting on metal surfaces
    • Do not mount near electrical cables or electrical equipment like PCs, TVs, microwaves, etc.
    • Do not mount the unit near metal walls or structural elements
  • For heating systems with cast iron radiators, plan to turn on at least one hour in advance and turn off accordingly to make the most of thermal inertia.

Technical Data

Category Details
Power Supply Batteries (alkaline type AA)
Battery Life About 2 years
Timekeeping during Battery Change Max. 1 min
(all other data remains in non-volatile EEPROM memory)
Relay Contact Rating
Voltage 24…250 V AC
Current 0.1…6 (2.5) A
Protection Class II according to EN 60 730-1
Sensitive Element
Measurement Range 0…50 °C
Time Constant Max. 10 min
Setpoint Adjustment Range All setpoints 3…35 °C
Resolution for Settings and Display
Setpoint 0.2 °C
Hourly Switching 10 min
Temperature Measurement 0.1 °C
Temperature Display 0.2 °C
Current Time Display 1 min
CE Compliance
Electromagnetic Compatibility 2004/108/EEC
Low Voltage Directive 2006/95/EC
C-tick N474
Automatic Electrical Control Devices for Household and Similar Use
Standard EN 60 730-1
Electromagnetic Compatibility
Immunity EN 61000-6-2
Emission EN 61000-6-3
Protection Rating IP20
Climatic Conditions Temperature: 5...40 °C, Humidity: <85 % r.h.
Transport and Storage
Climatic Conditions Temperature: -25...70 °C, Humidity: <93 % r.h.
Mechanical Conditions 2M2 according to IEC 60 721-3
Weight Excluding packaging 0.29 kg
Color Housing RAL9003 signal white, Base RAL7038 grey
Dimensions Housing with base 90 x 134.5 x 30 mm


Instruction Manuals