Weekly recessed solution. The BPT TH 350 Programmable Thermostat is ideal for working families who want to program heating to turn on differently each day. It is a battery-operated thermostat offering 3 different temperature levels.

The battery indicator is perfect to avoid interruptions, always maintain the charge level. We suggest replacing the batteries approximately every 2 years.

Useful Tips

  • Frequently replace the thermostat batteries (approximately every 2 years)
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Temperatures
    • For shutdown (Reduced Temperature), a temperature of 16°C is recommended
    • For startup (Comfort Temperature), a temperature of 18°C +/- 2°C is recommended
  • If you have aluminum radiators, you do not need to turn on the heating well in advance
  • If you have cast iron radiators, turn on the heating at least an hour before to reach the temperature, you can also turn it off an hour before going to bed to take advantage of the system's thermal inertia

Programming Examples

The BPT TH 350 Programmable Thermostat allows you to program 3 temperature levels. The second temperature can be useful for maintenance during the day. The programming applies only if you have a radiator system (not suitable for underfloor heating).

Below is an example of holiday programming (Saturday/Sunday) for those who are working, or a day for retirees, or for those working from home.

BPT TH 350 all-day programming

In this programming example, the system turns on at 6:00 AM, allowing the apartment to reach 18 degrees (T3) within an hour. By 7:00 AM, the apartment should be warm and continues until 10:00 PM. From 10:00 PM onwards, the system gradually returns to 16°C.

The perception of cold is greater if you are stationary or have circulation issues. Now let's look at a more economical program:

Economical thermostat program

This program is very similar but reduces the daytime temperature by one degree, using T2 set at 17°C during the day. This program is useful for saving energy if the apartment is occupied and people are moving around.

Finally, we have a weekday programming example (Mon-Fri) suitable for those who are working:

Weekday programming example

It allows you to have breakfast in a warm environment and focuses on the evening, otherwise:

Programming example with lunch return

That allows heating during lunch breaks.

Temperatures are at your discretion depending on your needs; the examples should be adapted to your requirements.


The regulator should be mounted in the reference room

  • The unit should be mounted where it is easiest to measure the average room temperature, away from solar radiation or cold sources.
  • The unit should be placed away from sources of disturbance, for example:
    • Do not mount on metal surfaces
    • Do not mount near electrical cables, electrical devices like PCs, TVs, microwave ovens, etc.
    • Do not mount the unit near metal walls or metal-based structural elements