Daily electronic thermostat Seitron Freetime Evo, wall-mounted and battery-powered, allows you to control the ambient temperature easily and reliably. Suitable for controlling heating and cooling systems through a relay output with changeover contacts (C, NC, NO).

Temperature Regulation

The ambient temperature regulation on the Seitron Freetime Evo thermostat operates at two levels: Comfort and Reduction (in accordance with the set schedule). The minimum adjustable temperature is +0.5°C (frost protection), which helps protect your heating system from potential freezing damage if the Freetime Evo is set to off.

Equipped with an input for connecting a remote probe, the device offers the possibility to adjust the Offset on the internal sensor or the remote probe (a parameter that allows correction of any systematic reading errors due to the positioning of the Seitron Freetime Evo thermostat or the remote probe in areas unsuitable for measuring ambient temperature).

Useful Tips

  • Replace the thermostat batteries frequently (approximately every 2 years)
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Temperatures
    • For shutdown (Reduced Temperature), a temperature of 17°C + 1°C is recommended
    • For startup (Comfort Temperature), a temperature of 20°C + 2°C is recommended

Mounting and Installation

The regulator should be mounted in the reference room

  • The unit should be mounted where it is easiest to measure the average ambient temperature, away from solar radiation or cold sources.
  • The unit should be placed away from interference sources, such as:
    • Do not mount on metal surfaces
    • Do not mount near electrical cables, electrical devices like PCs, TVs, microwave ovens, etc.
    • Do not mount the unit near metal walls or metal-based structural elements


Downloadable PDF Manuals