The BPT THERMOPROGRAM DIGITAL TH 100 programmable thermostat has been designed to ensure ideal temperature conditions at every moment of the day and for every day of the week.

Depending on the needs, the program can be adjusted at will by setting the desired temperatures at different times of the day and week. This thermostat can be programmed with extreme ease, even before being installed; a large display facilitates this operation, allowing you to "see" all the set data and programs at any time and modify them as you wish.

Useful Tips

  • Replace the thermostat batteries frequently (about every 2 years)
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Temperatures
    • For turning off (Reduced Temperature), a temperature of 16°C is recommended
    • For turning on (Comfort Temperature), a temperature of 18°C +/- 2°C is recommended
    • If you have aluminum radiators, there's no need to turn them on well in advance
    • If you have cast iron radiators, turn them on at least an hour before to reach the temperature; you can also turn them off an hour before bedtime to take advantage of the system's thermal inertia


The regulator should be mounted in the reference room

  • The unit should be mounted where it's easiest to measure the average room temperature, away from sunlight or cold sources.
  • The unit should be placed away from sources of disturbance, for example:
    • Do not mount on metal surfaces
    • Do not mount near electrical cables, electrical equipment such as PCs, TVs, microwaves, etc.
    • Do not mount the unit close to metal walls or metal-based construction elements


Install the device on an internal wall, in a position suitable for correctly detecting the room temperature, avoiding installation in niches, behind doors, curtains, or near heat sources.

MANUAL Function

Press the button (HAND): The device is prepared for MANUAL operation. Use the button (UP ARROW) / (DOWN ARROW) until the desired temperature value is reached.

Frequently Asked Questions

We present the most frequently asked questions for the BPT TH 100 thermostat:

How to program the BPT TH 100 thermostat for different temperatures throughout the day?

The BPT TH 100 Thermostat allows for the setting of 5 different temperatures throughout the day, giving you more precise control over heating.

It's important to note that the temperatures must necessarily be set as: T1 < T2 < T3 < T4 < T5. A quick setting suggestion is to use:

T5: Maximum comfort temperature, for example, 20 degrees Celsius T3: Maintenance temperature, for example, 18 degrees Celsius T1: Economy temperature, for example, 16 degrees Celsius

In defining your heating program, you can use, for instance, T5 (Comfort) for two hours in the morning for a comfortable awakening, and possibly reactivate during lunch and in the evening.

Start by setting the temperatures as follows:

  • Press the T button.
  • The first temperature, T1, displays a continuous line; on the right, you see the set temperature.
  • Set the temperature for T1 to 16 degrees using the up or down arrow button.
  • Press T twice to go to the T3 setting; set to 18 degrees using the arrow buttons.
  • Press T twice to go to the T5 setting; set to 20 degrees using the arrow buttons.
  • Wait a few seconds to confirm the settings.

Continue by setting the program:

  • Use the (LU:DO) button, press it several times to select the day to program (for example, MONDAY); a small line under the day at the top left of the display will start blinking.
  • A line (usually midnight) will start blinking; you can vary the desired temperature between T1 .. T5 using the up and down arrow buttons for the midnight of the selected day.
  • You can move horizontally between times using the Left Arrow or Right Arrow buttons located to the left of the (LU:DO) button.
  • Once you've selected the new time to program, always press the up or down arrow button to select one of the set temperatures.
  • At the end of the day's programming, you can move on to the next day's programming by pressing the LU:DO button.
  • Once you've finished programming the week, don't press anything; after 10 seconds, the changes are saved.

What are the technical specifications of the BPT TH 100 thermostat?

Its installation takes just a few minutes: it is connected to the air conditioning system with only two wires. Three LR6 type AA alkaline batteries, 1.5V, ensure the power supply of THERMOPROGRAM DIGITAL for over a year. Once the BPT THERMOPROGRAM DIGITAL TH 100 thermostat is installed, it is ready to operate with its stored standard program.

The temperature differential is adjustable from ± 0.1 °C to ± 0.9 °C. This thermostat can generally control both heating and cooling systems and can replace an existing on/off type thermostat.

Feature Specification
Graphic Display LCD
Power Supply 3 LR6 alkaline AA batteries, 1.5V each. Autonomy: over 1 year
Low Battery Indicator Yes
Battery Replacement Time Approx. 2 minutes
Relay Max Voltage: 250V, Max Current: 5A (resistive load) / 2A (inductive load)
Action Type 1 B-U
Adjustment Range +2 °C to +35 °C
Temperature Levels Five, adjustable between +2 °C and +35 °C
Programming One temperature level for each hour of every day of the week
Ambient Temperature Detection Interval 15 seconds
Thermal Differential ±0.1 °C to ± 0.9 °C
Reading Resolution 0.1 °C
Displayed Reading Range 0 °C to +40 °C
Accuracy ≤ ± 0.3 °C
Software Class Class A
Pollution Degree 2
Impulse Voltage 4 kV
Max Control Head Temperature 40 °C
Protection Rating IP30
Operating Temperature 0 °C to +40 °C
Dimensions 132x82x37 mm

How to replace the batteries of the BPT TH 100 thermostat?

You can access the battery compartment using the button located under the thermostat. Once pressed, lift the bottom part of the thermostat, holding it firmly to prevent it from falling. The batteries, 3xAA, are located inside the black container (to be lifted).

Check for acid presence and if necessary, clean the contacts with some cotton.

Does the BPT TH 100 thermostat have a backlight function for the display?

Unfortunately, no.

Is the BPT TH 100 thermostat compatible with centralized heating systems?

It is not intended for use in a centralized system; use the new generation thermostats for connection to digital thermostatic valves.

How to reset the BPT TH 100 thermostat to factory settings?

Use the button at the bottom of the thermostat and release it from the bottom after pressing. Be sure to hold the thermostat firmly to prevent it from falling. On the back of the thermostat, locate the reset button. When you press this button, the programs and temperatures are reset, and the thermostat is reconfigured to factory settings.

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