The Siemens RDE10 Thermostat, designed to meet all your heating needs and save on gas boiler consumption. If programmed correctly, it can keep your home warm at the hours you decide, while during the day when the house is unoccupied, you can select an economical temperature. Here we present the Siemens RDE10 programmable thermostat, for which we also provide the downloadable PDF manual at the end of the article.

  1. Settings and Configurations
    1. Time and Day Adjustment
    2. Temperature Settings
    3. Heating Program Setup
    4. Battery Replacement
    5. Installation and Useful Tips
  2. Manuals and Downloadable Instructions
  3. Interesting Alternatives

The batteries for this thermostat are two AAA types (mini-style) and should be changed annually with disposable batteries, as rechargeable batteries are low amperage and can operate the RDE 10 thermostat screen, but the power may not be sufficient to activate the Relay that turns on the boiler.

The Siemens RDE 10 thermostat features two operating temperatures and programs for each day of the week. If we look carefully at the screen, you can see the current time and the temperature measured at this moment. To the right, there are two temperature buttons: and a slider that allows you to choose:

  • Automatic operation according to the scheduled program
  • Full Comfort operation that sets the Comfort temperature regardless of the program and schedules
  • Full Economy operation that sets the Economic temperature regardless of the program and schedules

On the screen, you can also read:

  • The current day at the top, highlighting the day of the week in the style: 1  2 3 4 5 6 7
  • The battery status indicator appears in the lower left if it is low with the symbol
  • The currently configured program shown as a dot matrix, the Economy temperature has only one dot while the Comfort temperature has two
  • Important The thermostat is active and therefore wants to turn on the boiler when the symbol appears

Settings and Configurations

Upon inserting the batteries, the Siemens RDE 10 programmable thermostat screen will show a fictitious time of 00:00 and the current ambient temperature, we will have a factory operating program configuration that we will modify if necessary. In any case, the Thermostat is already ready to operate.

Time and Day Adjustment

Upon opening the left door, other interesting buttons are revealed, including one with the symbol of a clock and another with the inscription 1..7 specifically for adjusting the time and day of the thermostat. 

  • Press the button and the clock on the screen will start blinking, then use the and buttons to set the current time.
  • Press the 1..7 button to shift to the desired current day
  • At the end of the adjustments, press the enter button to confirm.

Temperature Settings

Immediate Adjustment: By pressing the or button on the Siemens RDE10 Thermostat, you can increase or decrease the set room temperature in increments of 0.2°C up to a maximum of ±4°C. The display will first show the new set value and then the actual measured value. These changes are valid only until the next operating period. If you consistently find it too hot or too cold, adjust the temperature for the periods (e.g., T1).

Permanent Adjustment: To change the Comfort or Economy temperature, open the door and find the buttons:

  • By pressing the button, you can change the comfort temperature, then press the or button to adjust it to your needs.
  • By pressing the button, you can change the economy temperature, then press the or button to adjust it to your needs.

Heating Program Setup

To start the hourly programming of the Siemens RDE10 thermostat, follow these steps:

  • Set the operation selector to the programming symbol (the first one at the top).
  • Then press the programming button (the button with the squares).
  • The thermostat will enter programming mode for Monday and will be ready to receive the desired temperature settings hour by hour.
  • Press, for example, the Moon button until reaching 6:00 a.m. to set the economy mode for Monday night.
  • You will notice that the cursor moves one hour with each press, moving to the next.
  • Then you can press the Sun button a couple of times to set the comfort temperature until 8:00 a.m.
  • Continue with the programming until midnight on Monday, and then press the Enter button to confirm the programming.
  • The thermostat will then move to Tuesday and thus begin Tuesday's programming.
  • Repeat the steps to program the entire week of heating.
  • At the end of Sunday's programming, the thermostat will switch to automatic operation.

Battery Replacement

Replace the batteries in the RDE10 thermostat at least every two years. Do not use rechargeable batteries as their low amperage may compromise normal operation.

  • We recommend the use of high-quality disposable batteries.
  • Remove the battery holder and then the batteries themselves. The configured values are maintained only for one minute! Do not dispose of exhausted batteries in the environment.

Installation and Useful Tips

The regulator should be mounted in the reference room.

  • The Siemens RDE10 Thermostat should be installed where it can easily measure the average room temperature, away from solar radiation or sources of cold.
  • The unit should be placed away from interference sources, for example:
    • Do not mount on metallic surfaces
    • Do not mount near electrical wires, electronic devices such as PCs, TVs, microwaves, etc.
    • Do not mount the unit close to metallic walls or metal-based construction elements
  • Frequently change the batteries of the Siemens RDE 10 programmable thermostat (approximately every 2 years)
  • Do not use rechargeable batteries
  • Temperatures
    • For shutdown (Reduced Temperature), a temperature of 16°C is recommended
    • For activation (Comfort Temperature), a temperature of 18°C +/- 2°C is recommended

Manuals and Downloadable Instructions

Interesting Alternatives