Programmed settings of the BPT TH 350 thermostat.

Weekly recessed solution. The BPT TH 350 Programmable Thermostat is ideal for working families who want to program heating to turn on differently each day. It is a battery-operated thermostat offering 3 different temperature levels.

BPT TH 345 Thermostat Programming Example

Entry-level solution that includes all basic functions. Thanks to the recessed installation compatible with the most common residential series, and the availability of 2 finishes, it fits well into any living environment. It is the ideal solution for those seeking reliability, ease of use, and careful design.

Image of BPT TH450 Thermostat

The BPT TH450 Thermostat is the entry-level solution that includes all the basic functions. It fits well in any living environment and has an excellent design. It is the ideal solution for those looking for reliability and ease of use. At the end of the article, we have attached the manual in PDF for download.

BPT TH 124 thermostat

Introducing the BPT TH 124 Thermostat: Engineered for Efficiency and Simplicity. This advanced thermostat streamlines temperature regulation in your home, offering quick, user-friendly settings for ultimate comfort and energy savings. Perfectly balancing functionality and convenience, the TH 124 is a smart choice for modern living.

VIMAR 01910 Thermostat

The VIMAR 01910 Chronothermostat is a weekly thermostat that has carved out its niche in the market due to its extensive customization options. Although these features make it slightly more complex to program, its 6 temperature settings cater to every user's needs. A noteworthy design choice is the inclusion of only two buttons to adjust the immediate temperature when the thermostat is fully closed.

Perry 1CR CR309/S Thermostat

The Perry 1CR CR309/S thermostat is an older model still widely sold for its ease of programming and use. Its price is also very advantageous, providing a complete regulator to use with your heating system according to days and times and two temperature levels (Comfort and Economy).

Thermostat Perry CR011

The Perry Chronothermostat CR011 represents a pinnacle in home temperature management, combining intuitive design with technological sophistication. Ideal for modern households seeking precise control over their heating and cooling systems, this thermostat offers a range of programmable features.

Siemens RDE10 Thermostat

The Siemens RDE10 Thermostat, designed to meet all your heating needs and save on gas boiler consumption. If programmed correctly, it can keep your home warm at the hours you decide, while during the day when the house is unoccupied, you can select an economical temperature.

Main image of Siemens RDJ100 thermostat displaying its interface for easy programming and temperature control in residential settings.

The Siemens RDJ100 is a programmable thermostat for regulating the temperature of your apartment or area. In this article, we showcase some examples of programming this product and its use in a residential setting.

Siemens Landys Gyr (Staefa) REV22 Thermostat

The Siemens REV22 Thermostat is supplied with an active self-learning mode, which enables it to automatically adapt to the controlled system (type of building construction, type of radiators, size of rooms, etc.). After a certain learning period, the controller optimizes its parameters and then operates in the mode it has learned.

The Seitron Freetime Evo thermostat.

Daily electronic thermostat Seitron Freetime Evo, wall-mounted and battery-powered, allows you to control the ambient temperature easily and reliably. Suitable for controlling heating and cooling systems through a relay output with changeover contacts (C, NC, NO).

Display of the Seitron FREETIME+ Thermostat showing current temperature and time

The Seitron FREETIME+ Thermostat is a daily electronic thermostat with a large backlit display for viewing the detected room temperature or, optionally, the current time.

Seitron Tempora Thermostat showcasing clear heating programs for optimal home temperature management.

The Seitron Tempora Thermostat is a daily electronic programmable thermostat with simple and immediate settings. Equipped with a mechanical clock, it allows you to set your ideal heating day through small switches.